About Warriors Of The World Founder

"I hail from Birmingham U.K. It has been prestigious memoirs to share my music and creativity around the world. Touring from England to California U.S.A. With tremendous veneration in every performance, from a catalogue of shows, working with historical venues and impeccable talent. It is profound honours to receive nominations as 'Best Female MC & Vocalist' for Awards, with press releases, front-covers magazines for both music & disability awareness. While directing events, working with international shows, as an artist and a interviewed Spokesperson with charities & advocacy organisations. Supporting many great causes and assisting community projects. With features and performances on MTV, BBC and at venues such as the NEC, and The Conservatoire, working with disabled & non-disabled musicians, utilising the voice, instruments and specialist technology to create cross-genres sounds such as Classical Hip hop.

Music is my heartbeat and calling. Being an Advocate as well as an Artist is a huge part of my life. I set up the Cause Warriors Of The World and projects to raise awareness for invisible disabilities after a traumatic brain injury that changed my life that very moment.  I discovered therapeutic ways to channel my music and creativity to develop skills and mechanisms to combat complex neurological afflictions.

I began researching my own formulas and natural salubrious practices, implicating training to heal methods and utilising all my resources, skills, and strengths. I am determined to recover and learn how to repair the microscopic wounds. Being a Warrior, I feel it is my duty and I am dedicated to helping others do the same. Music is Medicine…Art is the Antidote!"

Soprano to Spoken Word' A golden repertoire with vast vocal abilities to a collection of genres. Singing sweet soul to tenacious rapid raps and freestyle heavy-weight performances. Alongside international tours working with musicians/artists worldwide.

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