From hospitals to HOPE! Battling Invisible illness with a positive mindset- Read Courtney's st

Courtney shares her brave and incredible story with the warriors project, learning how to combat chrons disease. #iamawarrior #courtneyschrons #warriorsoftheworld #invisibledisabilities #iLLvisAbleIndividuals

"My name is Courtney and I have been battling Crohn's disease since 2014. Since then it has been quite an undesirable journey but the disease won't keep me down! I'm so happy to say that I feel the best I have since the two and a half years I have been battling my Crohn's disease diagnosis...

As of today, I am proud to say I am currently only on ONE medication to manage the disease. But let me tell you that it has taken a long road to get here... In the last five months I was hospitalized five times for a total of six weeks. I had my fourth colonoscopy. I had four blood transfusions. I had two abdominal drains installed in my stomach to drain an abscess for over nine weeks. I had countless CT scans and MRIs that revealed fistulas and strictures. I had a picc line. I had a bowel resection. They removed 20 inches of diseased intestine. I had an ileostomy. I had an upper and lower GI series. I was on steroids, including prednisone and budesonide, Valium for muscle spasms, stomach muscle relaxer so my digestion would go slower, anti nausea medication, antibiotics to kill the infection inside me, two immunosuppressants, an antidepressant, Oxycodone, switched from Cimzia to Remicade for my biologic to suppress my immune system... and I'm sure I missed a few in there! And in ten days I will have my second and hopefully last surgery at Tampa General Hospital.

I love to see what I have made it through!! I feel like I could face anything. I overcame the struggle that we all fall into of pain, depression and hopelessness by reaching out and building friendships in the Crohn's community. These relationships I have built have not only encouraged me but created wonderful friendships. It is so wonderful to have people who know what you are going through and who support you 100% without judgement and know exactly what to say to make your day better. I had to change my mindset to not feel sorry for myself and let the disease win. I took up reading motivational books, coloring, crocheting and really anything to keep my mind busy and to allow my body to heal.

I just want to encourage you that whatever you are battling please know if you press through, it will get better! There is nothing that you are facing now that you are not strong enough to get through. You are brave. You are strong. You are a warrior!! I'm so grateful to all those who have believed in me and just know there are so many people who believe in you. Keep the faith and don't lose hope. I promise there are brighter days to come!! Good luck to you all. You got this!!!"


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