Photographer and Creative- Victoria Protheroe writes an inspirati

Photographer and Creative- Victoria Protheroe writes an inspirational article for the warriors project: iLLvisAble Individuals...Victoria shares a healing journey through invisible pain and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Victoria embraces her strength and creative gifts with photography and sketching as this has helped with coping mechanisms. Vic has studied philosophy, environmental management, social science achieving an MSC. WOW Loves! #iamawarrior #victoriaprotheroe #warriorsoftheworld #invisibledisabilities #iLLvisAbleIndividuals

"For me personally, after a long period of mourning the life I used to have, the life I wanted to have, I began to accept, and even try to embrace what I have now. I live for the days where the pain and fatigue are reduced enough fort me to get dressed and even venture out for short walks. As a nature, photography and fashion lover, i try to combine my interests through photographing my 'good days'. I find it comforting to look back at my photographs on the days/weeks that I am bed bound. It provides me with strength to keep fighting and to look forward to the next time I'm able to be out and enjoying myself.

I'm sure other chronic health sufferers find that when others see your social media feed, which, lets face it, is a show reel, the very best of days, find themselves judged as being 'better' and 'coping well'. This is especially disheartening, as people are often largely unaware of the sheer effort those days require and the follow up recovery days.

Although my life has changed beyond all recognition of what it used to be, I find comfort in those that understand, that help and encourage me to keep going. It is a true blessing to have such a wonderful supportive group of friends and family"


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