Multi-Talented Singer Supports Brain Injury Week with Musical Therapeutic Method

With Brain Injury Week supporting those who have suffered brain injury,

Lady MJ Warrior, a multi-talented, multi-tempo singer and MC super rapper, has channelled her musical gifts and founded Warriors of the World (WoW) – a project designed to support communities and individuals with the recovery process utilising music and creativity.

WoW’s slogan is “music is medicine”, this draws inspiration from Lady MJ Warrior’s own experience with brain and head injuries and follows her journey back to health through the healing power of music. Supported by The Princes’ Trust, the programs and techniques within WoW are designed to assist others with coping strategies, pain reduction and recovery by channelling music and expression.

Speaking about the project, Lady MJ Warrior, said, “After a traumatic head injury that changed my life overnight, I discovered therapeutic ways to channel my music and creativity to develop skills and mechanisms to combat complex neurological afflictions. I began researching my own formulas and natural healing outlets, implicating training to heal methods and utilising all my resources, skills, and strengths. I am determined to recover and learn how to repair the microscopic wounds. Being a Warrior, I feel it is my duty, I am committed to helping others do the same.”

Warriors of the World is also set to support causes and charities by advocating and sharing awareness. Highlighting that anything is possible – despite barriers, the positive and proactive project will draw attention to a much misunderstood and forgotten about topic, bringing it to a new audience through music and celebration.

In addition, there are sister projects undertaken as part of WoW called ‘ILLvisAble individuals’ to create more understanding and awareness around invisible disabilities and Disability + Positivity = Creativity, a group designed for disabled creatives across the world.

Brain Injury week, also known as TBI or ABI Week, takes place 8th to the 14th of May. Warriors of the World events and community projects will be taking place in the near future. For more information, visit the website:

For enquires, fundraising ideas, or sponsorship opportunities, contact:


Lady MJ Warrior has a golden repertoire with vast vocal abilities to a collection of genres, singing sweet soul to hard fast raps, freestyle heavy weight performances in the underground music scene from her hometown Birmingham and all over the UK. Alongside international shows and tours including California, USA, she is working with disabled and non-disabled musicians and artists worldwide. Lady MJ Warrior has recently released the music track singles “Music is the food of heavens” and “Electrical Rush”.

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