The Dual of Invisible disabilities: Embracing iLLVisAble is living INDIVIDUAL!

How are you?

Health is wealth

The human body is a sacred vessel that needs regular energy supplies of natural sources to support ethological growth and development. Starting your biological engine with the vital ingredients and nutrients is essential; food, water and sleep are only a few of the fundamental, physiological necessities that allows the anatomy to operate systematically. It is important to take care of well-being as best, as possible. Withdrawals from necessities can prevent functioning and alter physical and mental capacity for even the healthiest person.

There are increased risks for people with invisible disabilities and visible disabilities because It is not always possible for someone with medical issues to be able to meet their primary mortal needs. The restrictions and health predicaments can drastically implement a life and exacerbate an illness, causing adverse health effects. This will induce further ramifications and destabilise a disabled person’s ability to do ‘normal’ daily activities and tasks which may already be immensely enervating.

The grey area

There are a multitude of invisible disabilities with several conditions that can interlink and cannot always be seen with the human eye. Many people with ‘regular health’ can feel too unwell to get out of bed with the common cold or a headache for example…

Sadly, this is far more serious and complicated issues that will not just “go away” or “mend” after a couple of days…This is a lifetime battle every single breath of air, re-training thought process on a cellular level, creating neural pathways and seeking the wisdom of the soul to overcome uncharted, variegated realms of chronic pain. Millions of people suffer daily with severely debilitating illnesses and hidden disorders that are extremely convoluted.

The tip of the iceberg

The etiology of these heterogenous conditions can be unknown or unheard of…. Some of the underlying health issues are excruciating pain, paralysis, tremors, collapses, vertigo, austere fatigue and cognitive dysfunctions; are just a segment of the symptoms that could be immobilizing a person. This can be caused by a range of illnesses and injuries, neurological and mental health disorders, also there are vision and hearing impairments that may cause complete loss of sight and/or ability to hear.

Invisible Illnesses can fluctuate with little or no warning, within various situations and environments. There are multifarious symptoms that can greatly affect functionality. Complex conditions can alter very rapidly or slowly, minute by minute, day by day. Some of the triggers could be effects from additional pain, injuries and/or stress and trauma- that also have a massive impact. There can be a constant uncertainty with an invisible disability as it is very challenging to find the balance with vast inter-changing manifestations that cause such a high level of incapacitation.

Conquering stigma

There is lack of awareness for invisible disabilities so there can be an automatic adversity and prejudgment. This is accumulating more detrimental health for future generations, alongside precipitating social exclusion. There is little research and resources to support people with hidden illnesses at present.

The terminology of disability is often associated with regards to someone that require assistive equipment with their health and safety, such as; using a wheelchair or walking frame. A disability cannot be determined based on whether a person uses assistive equipment or supporting technology. There could be times when a person with an invisible disability needs to use operative equipment and perhaps there are adaptions at their home, they may also require a support worker or have safety devices for emergencies.

To onlookers it cannot always be seen or as noticeable if a person with invisible disabilities ‘appears’ non-disabled. Therefore, it may be difficult for someone else to understand the person with invisible disabilities is unwell and may need help because they are in a lot of pain for example. Completing an imperative task can be the biggest success for a person with an invisible disability; even if it can take 10 times as long through the continuance, it is another step closer to a healthier life!

Acceptance and healing

It can be a battle to process the extremes of fast and fierce psyche modifications and learning dexterous techniques to overcome the struggles of a chronic condition. Accepting your new life, this is who you are now, the old you is a different version for this juncture. It may change again soon and it could be a ‘healthy moment’ in the linear, among hours, days or years of agonising microscopic wounds. Everything that you thought you knew about life and living is disparate, you are a neoteric version of yourself… Open your mind and see how it is possible to re-train your brain and combat illness with an evolving neuroplasticity that is constantly creating and dividing trillions of cells daily. Discover coping mechanisms to adjust every part of the biology to your capabilities and circumstances. Change is inevitable like the seasons of the Earth. It’s time to embrace your uniqueness, despite any barriers!

It requires tremendous strength, determination and commitment to overcome all adversity and afflictions that are faced with invisible disabilities and visible disabilities. To strive for optimum health, devise methods and strategies to inform the brain and body to work as one in synchronicity, like a circadian rhythm to heal and regenerate the central nervous system. Working towards an exuberant, creative structure to support your healing journey is a key element to maximizing recovery and rehabilitation. Training as frequent as you are able. Movement is a gift, utilize what you have, as safely as you can with support, releasing endorphins and disposing of toxins. Don’t ever give up; there is light at the end of the tunnel… Always remember an achievement great or small, is still progression and moving forward, build on your strengths and skills and keep believing. Be kind to yourself Warriors!