Warrior Code


(Replacing and replenishing)

  • let your disadvantage be your advantage

  • let your poverty be your growth

  • let your pain be your love

  • let your sorrow be your motivation

  • let your suffering be your development

  • let your stillness be your focus

  • let your tears be your thirst

  • let your nightmares be your dreams

  • let your sadness be your empathy

  • let your anger be your forgiveness

  • let your emptiness be your wholeness for others

  • let your rages be your drive to create

  • let your madness be your courage

  • let your illness be your genius to connect with another part of yourself

  • let your fears be your food- digest and release it into the atmosphere

  • let your oneness be your uniqueness

  • let your flaws be your discipline

  • let your faults remind you that you are only human, as are we all.

  • No one is perfect so sometimes give others a chance more, most importantly, give yourself a break, you deserve it!

  • Smile more, laugh more!

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